About This Blog

I started this blog because I have a ton of ideas in my head.  I am constantly thinking about people, about life, about how the world works, about why certain things unfold the way they do.  I am fascinated by thinking about the past, the present, and the future.  I feel like my mind is constantly in motion.

I also believe in a concept called conscious living.  This means, rather than living life according to a script, or allowing our lives to drift in whichever direction it is taken by the powers that be, that we should be consciously considering our circumstances.  We have the choice, individually, to decide what kind of life we want.  We should be periodically reconsidering how we are spending our time, what our priorities are, and what kind of people and places we surround ourselves with.

I hope to encourage others to think about their lives on a deeper level, try new things, explore alternate paths.  Or, in the very least, feel confident in who they are and why they chose to live the way they do.  The world is full of people, different kinds of people, with different interests, different world views, and different life paths.  I believe that should be celebrated and encouraged.

We are living at an interesting time.  A lot is changing, and changing rapidly.  I feel like a new culture is emerging all across the West, but what that culture is has not come into clear view yet.  It is my hope that, through this blog, as well as my in person interactions, I can help create a culture that values the humanity in one another, and re-establishes communities.  I hope our culture embraces each other’s individuality rather than pressing one another to conform, out of fear of the unknwon.


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